If I Ran the Dog Show…

At NAIA we believe that hands-on experience with animals is one of the greatest ways of fostering a child’s sense of responsibility and empathy, and of laying the groundwork for a realistic view of animals and our connection with them. Groups like 4-H have long provided youth with hands-on experience in areas such as agriculture — but when it comes to the world of purebred dogs and dog shows, there has been virtually no concerted effort to nudge forth the next generation.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t start now…

Great fun for a great cause. Click the image above to open it in PDF format and order your book(s) today!

You can order the books through our donation page or by clicking here.

  • The AKC has had a Junior Showmanship program for many years.

  • What a great idea!

  • linda

    When I was a child my Dad’s boss, John Best, bred and showed Irish Terriers. When Mr Best learned about my love of dogs he started sending his old magazines, Dog World and Popular Dogs, home with my Dad for me. I read every issue cover to cover. If you pick up Canine Chronicle, Dog News, or any of the other dog magazines at shows, pass them on to dog loving kids when you are finished.

  • DeAnn

    The Columbia Poodle Club of Oregon and Southwest Washington have purchased a box of these books. We are having a blast taking them to libraries, day cares, any place for children and reading. The children love this book. Great idea!1