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Tough Economic Times Especially Tough for Pets and Shelters

Who could imagine looking back at 2020 and the first waves of COVID lockdowns with fondness? But for many folks who adopted “pandemic pets,” perhaps hoping to alleviate isolation, to provide a sense of routine and normalcy, or simply for some company, it was the start of a beautiful, lifetime bond. A warm, if odd, time to remember. Unfortunately, while we can point to some factors – even seemingly rough ones, like COVID-19 – as leading people into the joy of keeping pets, other well-known factors lead people into surrendering them.

One painfully common factor is simple economics, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that in the face of inflation and a looming recession, shelters and rescues across the country are reporting a dramatic uptick in surrenders. This, unfortunately, isn’t a new or unexpected phenomenon. For example, 2007-2009 saw many “foreclosure pets” dropped off at shelters across the United States. While there are support systems such as pet food banks, this isn’t always enough. The sad fact of the matter is that many people, when forced by the times they live in to tighten their budget or relocate, simply can no longer keep their pets – and we now appear to be moving into one of those times.

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A Co-Owner Custody Dispute in Atlanta

Co-ownership nightmare in Atlanta, Georgia! A dog breeder and family signed a co-owner contract that allowed a dog, Gracie, to live with the family as an emotional support pet, while the breeder retained competition and breeding rights for Gracie.

Later, the family left Gracie with the breeder while on vacation… and upon their return, were informed via text that they couldn’t have the dog back, due to the breeder’s suspicion that the dog had been abused. During Gracie’s stay, the breeder discovered marks on the dog’s neck, which she thought were signs of an improperly used prong collar. The family says the marks were due to the dog scratching at ear infections and skin inflammation (this is documented by several pages of veterinarian treatment), that they would never abuse such a “spoiled rotten” member of their family, and that the kids are utterly distraught. As this is a civil, not criminal dispute, most likely the contract would err on the side of what the breeder believes.

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It should be noted that the vast majority of co-owner contracts work out well for owners and the animals, which is why they don’t make the news. And in this era of smaller homes and properties, where fewer dogs can be kept together, co-ownership can be a powerful tool for maintaining breed health and genetic diversity. But regardless of how this particular situation is resolved (or not), it serves as a reminder that co-ownership is not without risks. It is vital to know what’s in the contract you’re signing, and, as much as possible, to have a sense of the person with whom you are signing the contract.

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