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Support the National Service Animals Memorial Act!

In a shocking plot twist out of Washington, D.C., Congress is offering up something nearly everybody can agree on: H.R.6353 & S.3447, better known as the National Service Animals Memorial Act, which would honor service animals and their handlers with a memorial in the United States capital.

We still primarily think of seeing-eye dogs and recent history when the subject of service animals comes up, but service animals have been a loyal and beloved part of the national fabric since the foundation of this country, performing countless different tasks… and they aren’t just dogs: count horses, dolphins, and even sea lions among their number.

The National Service Animals Memorial Act is a bipartisan chance for us to show appreciation for these wonderful animals and their trainers who have given so much to others.

Contact your congress member today and let them know you’d appreciate their support of the National Service Animals Memorial Act. You can find your congress member’s contact info here and in the resource links below.

Click on the links below for more information.

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