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Western PA Humane Society Director Placed on Leave for *gasp* Buying a Dog from a Breeder

The director of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society has been placed on paid leave for allegedly purchasing a Collie from a breeder. Activists took to the Internet to call the director a “disgrace” and “hypocritical.”

According to humane society boarder member Anthony Pardo:

“She’s been put on paid administrative leave pending what’s going on. Allegations are allegations and we don’t know what’s true. We thought it best to get her out of the limelight while we try to figure out what’s happened and formulate a proper response on behalf of the board and the humane society.”

It is both telling and troubling when merely buying a dog from a breeder can be an “allegation” that requires a “proper response.” A dog lover should never be punished for valuing and choosing the traits a specific breed has to offer.


Bred with love and purpose for predictable traits... the horror!

Bred with love and purpose for predictable traits… the horror!



  • JayKitchener

    If you think the source of your pet makes you a better person, then you
    don’t need a pet, you need a therapist. This is political correctness
    gone way too far. If the hysterical mob calling for this woman’s job
    spent some time researching facts instead of creating cyber lynch mobs,
    they would quickly learn that pet overpopulation was over a long time
    ago. We have 85 million dogs in loving homes in the US. Less than 1.25
    million dogs die in shelters these days, and that number continues to
    decline every year. Less than 2% of dogs in America die in shelters
    each year. Why aren’t we celebrating that fact?

    • Isandbeans

      “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”

    • Carmen Schwitzer

      I don’t think we should celebrate killing 1.25 million dogs in
      shelters every year no matter what the percentage is. That is over a
      million dogs that lose their precious lives while frightened and alone.
      The majority of these dogs are adoptable and killed needlessly. Hardly
      should we celebrate approximately 5,500 innocent, lost and abandoned
      animals that are killed each and every day in shelters across America.
      The majority of our shelters are in urgent need of a complete overhaul with the goal being to find these homeless dogs a family that will love and care for them for the rest of their lives. We have miles to go before
      we can become a no-kill nation showing these shelter dogs compassion and care while they have found themselves in a life and death situation
      with each day leading them closer towards a kill room or a gas chamber.
      Those who believe most of these dogs are sick or aggressive or for some
      reason are not adoptable are kidding themselves. They need to spend a
      day in the terrifying environment of a shelter that these dogs must
      endure and become enlightened as to what is really going on. With that
      said, I agree with you 100% ~ if anyone wants to purchase a purebred dog
      from a reputable breeder, they should absolutely have the freedom to do
      so without fear of harassment or losing their job because a few
      zealous, ignorant, extremist people decide there is something shameful
      or hypercritical in doing so. I am so sick and tired of these self
      righteous idiots with their stupid rhetoric condemning anyone who wishes to obtain a purebred dog. I have a great love for the individual
      qualities, skills, temperament and beauty of many of the purebred dogs. I
      personally have owned and loved several wonderful purebred dogs. I
      have also fostered and cared many dogs rescued from a shelter until a
      good home could be found for them. I currently provide a permanent home for two dogs that I rescued from a shelter as well as my purebred dogs. I work tirelessly and provide several different services toward the
      rescue of homeless dogs everyday. Responsible breeders give us the gift
      of choosing the breed of dog we love and no one should take that
      freedom of choice away. Our thoughtless society is responsible for the
      dogs that are thrown like garbage into our shelters – not the breeders
      who love dogs and offer them to those of us who admire and love the
      purebred dog.

  • Rachel

    I got this same treatment as a Vet Tech when my Collie passed away at 13 and I replaced him with *gasp* another Collie. I had a 6 month old at the time, I have since had another baby (this was two years ago) I LOVE the breed! But I was treated terribly and EVERYONE had a comment about how I should have adopted (my first Collie WAS adopted, by the way!) What a messed up world. One of my coworkers adopted an Island Dog and it has no end of behavioral issues, but everyone thought she did the “right thing.”
    This is why we need organizations like this!

  • Maureen P Retting

    Holy Cow!!!! I thought I was going to read something dispicable. Oh Lord! No, she didn’t! Gasp…Gasp. oh Crap..you people are the crazy ones. If I were her, I would kick all of you to the curb. It’s none of anyone’s business. GET A LIFE….

  • KittyIsHerselfTheElf
  • Marie Bookout

    If buying a dog is a crime – then so is “buying” a dog from a rescue. Purebreds can bring in big bucks. People think – well the high adoption fee is helping the shelter to save others. Not always. When you consider pet theft then shipping to other states even as the frantic owner searches desperately, even as microchips are removed, there is profit. Not all dogs in shelters are without owners. Responsible breeders healh test their dogs and will take back dogs they breed, and these are the only breeders to buy from.

  • Pat Martin

    Let’s start a campaign to get her reinstated. this is still a free country!

  • Sherry McDonald Goodyear

    This is outrageous! NOT ALL breeders are puppymills! I don’t know the details, but maybe she wants to show her dog. Does not make her a hypocrite. Many dog show people and animal lovers are involved in rescuing dogs.

  • Deborah

    That is beyond ridiculous, people can get a dog from who ever they choose and if they help or work for a humane society good for them, but that doesn’t mean they must only get an animal from a humane society, I know a breeder who shows dogs and is the head of her humane society. this is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of, it sounds like a dictatorship. I would not want any part in with a place that would do such a thing to it’s workers and or for those that are simply one way or no way!.

  • Janice Mitich

    As far as I know it’s not illegal to buy from a breeder. I think the Humane Society is going to get a lot of flack from this. Unless it was in the director’s contract, this is an invasion of privacy. I understand the Humane Society’s efforts to reduce the number of unwanted pets, but people who show dogs for a living buy from breeders all the time.