Purina Takes over for Pedigree at Westminster

Purina Takes over for Pedigree at Westminster

If you tune in to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tonight, be prepared for a change of tone in the advertisements. Gone will be the usual ads focused on homeless dogs, sad and desperate for adoption, in will be commercials portraying happy, vibrant dogs at work and play — all types of dogs: show dogs, working dogs, rescue dogs, purebreds, mutts, therapy dogs, you name it.

The reason for this change in tone has to do with a switch in sponsorship. The previous sponsor, Pedigree, chose to focus its advertisements almost entirely on the plight of shelter dogs — not exactly the “celebration of dogs” that Westminster is all about — a discordant relationship that eventually led to them being dropped by Westminster. Quoth David Frei, Westminster spokesman and television host:

“Show me an ad with a dog with a smile. Don’t try to shame me,’’ he said. “We told them that and they ignored us.’’

Purina has stepped in as sponsor, and says their ads will be much more balanced and positive in tone. Expect much playing, chasing, licking, and joy from this year’s advertising dogs, a tone that is much more in line with the spirit of celebration. This looks like a big win for both Purina and Westminster, an infinitely better fit all around.

  • Dynadobe

    I was so happy with the change!  The commercials were good.  I also loved the Subaru commercials.  No one should get a dog from a shelter out of guilt or even because they feel sorry for the dog/cat.  One must want to share their lives for the next decade or so, know and accept the responsibilities and life changes having a pet will bring, and be aware of the financial needs our pets have, as veterinarian bills for a sick animals can run pretty high.  One must want the happiness and joy a pet can bring.  So glad to see those depressive guilt-trip ads gone!  Thank you Westminster Kennel Club and Purina!

  • Marilyn Marlow

    Purina as sponsor of the recent Westminister KC show was a refreshing change showing the positive aspects of our purebred dogs and our  caring responsible breeders and dog owners. Thank you to David Freyr and Purina in showing how much pleasure choosing the right breed can bring to a family or pet owner . 

  • Gail

    I agree, you want positive commercials, not negative.  The Subaru commercials were great.  Loved them.  Thank you Westminister for
    changing sponsors.   I  totally agree with the other two comments posted.

  • flufferton

    The advertiser should have used a balanced approach with a little of the shelter support aspect retained. Now I wonder if Purina does absolutely nothing to help shelters, which is probably not an image Purina wants to cultivate, even if it’s true.