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Palm Beach Pet Importation Battle Continues

For more than a decade, NAIA has been writing on the issue of humane relocation/dog trafficking: see Humane or Insane to Disparage – Regulate – Prohibit – Monopolize, to Mission Creep. We are so pleased to see such an excellent article on this subject in a mainstream publication:

Puppy importing pits Palm Beach County versus rescue groups

Instead of bringing in “fluffy, white dogs,” rescue groups should do more for local dogs “that are really in need,” said Dianne Sauve, the county’s director of animal care and control.

“You are either dedicated to helping dogs in your community or you are dedicated to stocking your shelves with a product that sells quickly,” Sauve said.

It is great to see so-called humane relocation becoming a mainstream news story. Us “animal people” can talk about this until we are blue in the face, but until it becomes a mainstream issue that the media, lawmakers, and casual pet owners/animal lovers are aware of and concerned about, it is going to be so much more talk than action. Here is to greater awareness and change leading to smarter and more ethical practices and policies!

It is easy to sell smaller dogs and puppies shipped in from out of the area, but it does nothing to help local dogs find homes.

Selling cute, smaller dogs and puppies shipped in from out of the area is easy, but it does nothing to help local dogs find homes.

  • fearnot

    “We are not bringing in animals and dumping them at the West Palm Beach
    shelter,” said Raybould, of the American Humane Association. “These
    [animal rescue groups] know what people are looking for. It’s all about
    supply and demand.”

    so there you have it.. supply and demand just like a real business.. which is what this is.. you can bet someone is making money..

  • Jackie Phillips

    It is about saving lives. Transporting dogs from high kill/low adoption states saves their lives. Why not save lives? I don’t see anything wrong with saving lives by transporting them from where they will be killed to where they will be adopted into loving homes. Does NAIA actually support euthanizing animals when great homes can be found? And, to add, all this transportation is being done by volunteers and the supporters of the animals.