Jul 24, 2015 - Shelter & Rescue    3 Comments

Judge Orders Champion Sheltie Returned Home

Piper, a champion Sheltie co-owned by Veronica Covatch and Michelle Wilson, has been away from her family for far, far too long, but at least now she can stay with her original owner while the legal fight between Piper’s owners and an out of control rescue group heads toward a trial. An order from an irritated judge made it happen:

“Let me tell you something,” Brandt interrupted. “These people have been without their animal for over a year. OK? So they get their dog back today.”

Of course this tale is not over yet, and Covatch says she has already spent $100,000 in legal fees, but today’s news is great for Piper, Covatch, Wilson — and everybody who cares about the rights of pet owners and reuniting this dog with her family!


  • Betty Schwartz

    If the rescue owner goes to jail for stealing that money from the dying womans family……that should end this….

    • Jnce

      Is there any action being taken on that issue?

  • bohicasis

    hoping she can produce the dog. it is now the 25th..any news on if she has been returned? did the pos respond or appeal or deliver piper?