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Sign Up Today for the 2014 NAIA Conference!

Spots are going quickly for this year’s NAIA Conference — sign up today to reserve your space!

As always, this will be a fascinating and inspiring event for all animal lovers with unforgettable, world-class presentations from experts. There will also be a strong focus on workshops to help you make a difference in your community with the knowledge you have gained!

List of featured speakers and topics:

  • Robert Guyer, Founder and President of The Lobby School:  Effective Grassroots Lobbying;
  • David Jentsch, PhD, Neuroscientist and UCLA Professor: Seeking cures in an age of extremism;
  • John Simpson and Michelle Pardo, Attorneys at Law and Partners, Norton Rose Fulbright, Washington, DC: Insights gained along the way to the landmark $25 million settlement paid by HSUS and the ASPCA to Feld Entertainment.
  • Cynthia O’Connor, DVM, Chris Walker, AKC VP of Communications, Patti Strand, NAIA President: The anatomy of a TV hit piece: HBO’s Unnatural Selection.
  • Theresie Tungilik, Dept. of Economic Development, Gov. of Nunavut: The impact of propaganda and international law on our traditional and modern economy;
  • Thomas Albert, VP Gov. Relations, Feld Entertainment, Janice Aria, Director of Animal Stewardship, Ringling Brothers Center for Elephant Conservation: From the courts to city hall, the extremist’s campaign to ban the circus continues;
  • Baylen Linnekin, Executive Director, Keep Food Legal, Adjunct Faculty at American University: Food Freedom;
  • Steve Malone, Horse Carriage Owner-Operator, Teamster Delegate: The campaign to end the horse carriage industry; and
  • Cindy Buckmaster, PhD Neurobiologist, Chair, Americans for Medical Progress, Director, Center of Comparative Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine: Speak now or forever rest in peace.

See you there!