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NAIA 2015 Conference: One Week Left for Earlybird Admission!

Just a reminder: we’ve got a great conference coming up this year, and there is only one week left to get your tickets at earlybird prices!

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Conference Brochure

Joining Forces to Save Our Animals

As our understanding of animals and how to care for them evolves, the issues facing the animals we love evolve as well, presenting us with new and ever greater challenges and opportunities:

  • Radical rescue and dog trafficking
  • How to work effectively with shrinking gene pools
  • How to reduce genetic diseases in domestic animals
  • Working wisely with science-based animal care standards
  • Dealing effectively with ideological legislation that empowers activists
  • How best to counter activist-driven campaigns that smear our communities

These are all serious issues, but they can all be overcome if we work together.

In this year’s conference, we will work to present the latest and best information on animal care, breeding and genetics, provide up to date information about the status of animal hobbies and industries, and we will also offer tools for dealing with propaganda campaigns and legislation!

Joining Forces to Save Our Animals is for people like you who are dedicated to caring for animals and learning about and utilizing new programs and tools created to assure animal wellbeing – both now and for future generations.

If you love and care for animals, show it by attending this conference. We need to work together to solve the problems we face. As Ben Franklin cautioned, “If we don’t hang together, then assuredly we shall hang separately”