Feb 27, 2015 - Animal Welfare    1 Comment

The Importance of Knowing Who You’re Getting Your Pet From

Disappointing news out of Arizona:

PetSmart has terminated their adoption partnership with a Valley animal rescue after an ABC15 Investigation uncovered troubling allegations about the group, called Woofs Wiggles n Wags.

According to the investigation, there were cramped cages, and dogs walking through their own waste, suffering from both physical and psychological neglect. Naturally, PetSmart terminated its adoption partnership with the animal rescue upon hearing the news report.

Whatever the reason for these conditions: understaffed and overwhelmed, forgetting or ignoring the needs of these animals due to out-of-balance priorities, or any of the other numerous reasons we see for sub-standard animal care, this serves as a reminder of the importance of getting to know the person or organization you get your pets from. Whatever breeder, rescue, business, or shelter you choose for your next pet, it is vital that you do your research, so can return home with your new companion confident you dealt with somebody who is competent and ethical. This is important for animals in general because you are supporting people who are doing it right — people who truly understand and care for animals; it is important for you and your pet specifically, because it increases your pet’s odds of a long, happy life with you and your family!

Owning a pet can be such a valuable, life-enriching experience; we talk so often about the importance of being a “responsible pet owner” because of the benefits this brings to your pet, to you, and to your community — but the focus is usually on the care and attention your pet receives after coming home. For potential pet owners and their communities, responsible pet ownership starts long before you get your pet!

  • mccky

    It is so important for people to research before getting any pet. Not only to know where they are getting it from, but to make sure that it will fit their lifestyle. Will they have the time/funds needed to exercise it, feed it, and groom it? Does it have a temperament they can live with? How big will it be? These are all things that a responsible pet OWNER looks into before acquiring a pet. Sometimes the responsible thing is to realize you are just too busy to have a dog – maybe a cat or fish would be a better fit. Or sometimes, maybe you just shouldn’t have a pet at all. Shelters are full of dogs from irresponsible owners – they didn’t do these things, often buying on impulse, and when overwhelmed by a dog too large or too energetic they dump it at the local shelter, often with issues caused because they didn’t bother to deal with the problem they themselves created. One of the best reasons to buy from a responsible breeder is that they will help you determine if the breed is a good fit for you. If it isn’t they are not going to sell you a dog but instead recommend something that might fit your life better. Win Win for buyer, breeder, and that puppy.