Apr 20, 2015 - Animal Rights    6 Comments

When animal rightists speak… and remove all doubt

Animal rights activists co-opted Holocaust Remembrance Day last week, and it provided a window into the warped psyche of those who subscribe to the “rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” philosophy:

Co-opting Holocaust Remembrance Day in the name of animal rights is an offensive game of equivalency, and these moral comparisons have always been soundly — rightfully — rejected outside of the small circle of animal rights true believers (remember the reception to PETA’s “Holocaust On Your Plate” exhibit?).

But while the words and behavior are outrageous, hurtful, and anti-human, you have to admit: every time the animal rightists open their mouths and articulate what they really think, it serves as an important reminder of how twisted this seemingly warm and fuzzy movement truly is. It also brings to mind a helpful proverb of questionable attribution:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

So while we condemn the animal rights message, we also say “Please — do keep talking. Let the people know what you’re really about.”


  • fearnot

    I wish he was speaking this BS on the street in Israel..

  • fearnot

    who ARE these people.. what are their names

  • Tarsea

    A brave videographer to move among those immoral and corrupted individuals.

  • Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MPH

    It seems impossible to hold rational discussions about proper animal welfare with those who do not hold the human (their own) species above all others, nor recognize and acknowledge the difference between genocide and production agriculture or biomedical research. One can wonder, if such individuals were faced with a truly existential choice, would they act morally? Could they be trusted to act morally for other people?

  • Ruby

    Everyone of them are soooooo angry. So defensive. They are out in the street but, they don’t want to be filmed. Omfd. None of them can answer simple questions instead the asker is verbally assaulted or told it is a stupid question… Soooooo typical.

  • Tom

    The good thing about all this exposure of these kooks is the public is slowly turning against their insane agendas and realizing they are terrorists with thoughts,words and signs next it will be guns!!?