Aug 1, 2012 - Animal Rights    8 Comments

The Wait and the Expectations: Feld Entertainment vs. ASPCA, HSUS, et al.


n. A person who commits crimes such as extortion, loansharking, bribery, and obstruction of justice in furtherance of illegal business activities.
intr.v. rack·et·eeredrack·et·eer·ingrack·et·eers
To carry on illegal business activities that involve crimes.

While it is not unheard of for bogus charges of animal abuse to be thrown out of court, last month’s ruling that Feld Entertainment can sue the ASPCA, HSUS, and other animal rights groups for racketeering was an overdue, and hopefully precedent-setting change.

Yes — apparently, it’s not OK to go to court with “essentially a paid plaintiff and fact witness” utterly lacking in credibility, and to raise funds with those misleading or false statements. A crazy notion, I know — who woulda thunk it? It’s kind of depressing that we need a reminder of these guidelines. Though considering the number of wild accusations and acts of character assassination we see from animal rights activists, it’s obvious this is a lesson that needs to be relearned.

The irony here, one that is often missed, is that Feld Entertainment spends more time and money on the protection and conservation of elephants than any animal rights group. If they win their suit, there’s a much better chance that the winnings will actually go toward helping animals.

Now, all there is left to do is wait. What are your thoughts and expectations for this trial?

  • Carol

    Finally justice just might prevail! 

  • Kaylor2008

    I hope Feld wins BIG……I’m pretty sure they will win, but the BIG part is what I really want.  Big enough to put hsus out of business.

  • fearnot

    get out the bull hook and swipe HSUS from the stage..  all animlas would be much better off without them

  • Char Allmann

    I doubt that it will go wrong for the animals, but the problem with RICO suits, I understand, is that they can take years and years to complete.  It will be interesting to watch what HSUS does with all their millions regarding defending only themselves, or will they be magnanimous and contribute to the defense of their co-defendants? And will the money coming in slow down when people realize what their donations are being spent on defending against these very serious charges. If I were a donor, I would not be happy, that’s certain.

    My biggest concern, though, is that HSUS has already lost a lot – most of their over-reaching laws have failed passage, and they are now an organization under siege, with nothing to lose. That scares me. All the money in the world and nothing to lose makes for a dangerous foe.

  • Ideally, a finding of GUITY under RICO laws would be fantastic. While one-time blow-up-the-building terrorism is horrible and galvanizes people, the insidious and poisonous terrorism being used *every day* and in *every city* by the animal rights movement’s propaganda mill BIG LIES [google it–a favorite strategy of the Third Reich] is far worse for society in the long run. The AR movement [through actions of H$U$, PeTA, ALDF, AWI, et al) works from within society, kind of like a worm eating the core of an apple and eventually causing its collapse–this case, the corrosion of the human/animal bond by vilifying animal industries and attacking them legislatively and even physically (through seizures under color of law, intimidation and downright nasty antisocial condemnation). You can BET that the AR groups will have the very best attorneys they can hire (with the public’s donations, naturally). Hopefully, our elected Congressmen and women will resist the urge to cower in fear from the threats and mean-spirited rhetoric so typical of the sociopathic AR movement, and as a society, we will pressure to bring about the downfall anddissolution of the major arrogant AR industry players to the point where they return to the fringe influence they once had, instead of trying to *force the majority* to follow their unacceptable worldview.

  • Kimberle Schiff

    There needs to be as much PR done about HSUS’s racketeering and use of donated funds to line their own pockets instead of helping animals so that the uninformed John Q Public stops sending them money!

  • It is about time. If the HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA went out of business it would be a great day for animals. Then maybe more people would realize that if they want to help animals they are better off donating and volunteering at their local shelters and credible conservation groups.

  • I hope Feld wins this in a big way and hope that the public starts realizing how truely awful the AR groups are!