Jan 9, 2015 - Animal Rights    5 Comments

Chock full of compassion… unless it’s for your own species

If you’ve ever read an article covering a contentious animal issue, you’ve seen them in the comments section: hateful slurs, accusations, even wishes for ruination or death. There are a whole lot of really nasty comments, the vast majority coming from self-proclaimed animal lovers — you know, the “compassionate ones” who are against hunting, animal research, breeding animals, eating meat, etc.

For example, it is probably normal to feel that a man injured by an animal he was hunting has received a bit of poetic justice. However you feel about hunting, it’s not an unusual reaction (you can bet the man’s friends are going to give him a hard time about this later). But when you take it further, and start celebrating the hunter’s misfortune, wishing the injuries to the man will prove painful and eventually fatal… well, that’s not exactly kind, is it?

Wisconsin columnist Heather Stanek, accustomed to seeing comments like this, used to think it was just coming from the Internet’s chorus of trolls, but…

But the more I read, though, led me to a terrible realization: None of these people were trolls. They were saying what they meant, what they felt. And clearly, they believed that it’s OK for a person to suffer and die.

Yes. And it is not uncommon. You really have to wonder how anybody claiming to feel so much compassion and sympathy for animals can go ice cold (or even feel disdain) when it comes to their own species.

Sika Deer, Cervus nippon

  • Iheartzooanimals

    that’s b/c it was never about animals’ welfare in the first place, except for an unhealthy passion for visualizing animals as victims. Convenient cover for fascination with cruelty gives permission to shock; graphically verbalize most morbid & vulgar in public; sadistically accuse innocent; torment & threaten with wishes of revenge violence. Even fantasize & wish for violence against anyone who supports & defends their targets.

  • LoupGarouTFTs

    The animal rights movement is, at it’s heart, an anti-human movement founded in self-loathing. The animal rights extremists seek domestic animal extinction because they believe that all animals suffer in the hands of human beings, without exception. They also believe that human beings are a cancer and that the earth would be better of without them. I’ve read more than one comment by an animal rights extremist expressing embarrassment that s/he could not even take his or her own life to thin the herd of humanity.

  • fyrlyte

    Try spending a career trying to help people who complained and whined about their treatment, abused you, threatened to sue and were just belligerant from the word go. Then you will understand why there are people who would give their life for an animal while stepping on the throat of a human. 🙁

    • Ed Cummings

      maybe its because animals can’t complain and whine about their treatment since they lack the compactly to do so?

  • Spinner123

    I don’t think animal “rights” activists care much about animals, I think what they want is to feel some sort of moral outrage, and animal “rights” it what they’ve latched onto to provide it. They protest for minor changes in laws, and when those are passed, they want more, because they need something new to be outraged about. Every concession to animal “rights” activists justifies and amplifies their outrage.