Seized Pups Returned: Change on the Way?

Remember that story we talked about last week where a man was arrested for “illegally breeding Bulldogs” without a $25 license? Where instead of a clear explanation of the law followed by a warning or citation, eight beautiful (and completely healthy) puppies were snatched away from their rightful home?

Well, we are happy that we can say the puppies were all returned to their home yesterday!

In response to this fiasco, Alderman Harold Beadling suggested making changes to the breeding ordinance, saying “I think we can craft a much better ordinance than what we have,” and hey — we couldn’t agree more!

When it can take weeks to see official action taken on a shivering, short-haired dog, kept outside virtually 24/7 during a cold snap, yet you have people lining up from all around the country to help seize puppies that are in no imminent danger, you really do have to wonder where people’s heads are, if not their hearts.


  • fearnot

    there was also a Chihuahua puppy ( ONE PUPPY) taken the same night for the same “reason” anyone know what happened to that puppy?

    • YankeeShelties

      that puppy was also returned to the breeder

    • Ricka Smith

      The best information that I have from the folks in Waukegan, IL is that the Chihuahua puppy has been returned as well as the Bulldogge babies.

  • Ricka Smith

    It is interesting to note that both the Bulldogge puppies and the Chihuahua puppy were “confiscated” on 23 December. The Bulldogge babies were whisked away to a “rescue” in a town 70 miles distant from their home (different county) and offered immediately for $600.00 “adoption fee.” They were six weeks old.