NY City Council Will NOT Vote to Restrict Carriage Horses Tomorrow.

Great news out of New York City: the Teamsters have pulled their support for a bill restricting carriage horses to Central Park, and there will be no vote on it tomorrow.

Predictably, Mayor Bill de Blasio shows no signs of giving up his quest to eradicate these majestic and well-cared-for animals (as well as the jobs and tourism revenue they generate), and has said he is looking for a “new path.”

But with no vote tomorrow and opposition to his plans only growing, things are not looking good for de Blasio. As lovers of carriage horses and the people who work with and care for them, this is news we can cheer!




  • Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MPH

    So nice to see rationality prevail over baseless emotion and the filthy side of NYC machine politics. So beautiful to see the right prevail, the horses and their drivers overcoming their oppressors. How entertaining to see certain usually allied political constituencies go at each other tooth and claw, and to see certain pseudo-animal activists exposed to be the seekers of self aggrandizement they really are. And the Mayor! Oh that Mayor! Speaking from two sides of his political mouth, gallivanting in faraway states while threatening the jobs of some of the very working people he purports to champion. Could it be that we will see him go away as quickly as he came? The animals will be grateful, horse and groundhog both. In office, he’s a danger to life and limb.