May 18, 2012 - Animal Policy, Animal Rights    5 Comments

Indiana Supreme Court Says State Overreached in Dog Seizure

Earlier today, the Indiana Supreme Court said in a 5-0 ruling that the state (with the assistance of HSUS) overreached in seizing and placing 240 dogs over unpaid taxes.

For some background:

On June 2, 2009, Virginia and Kristin Garwood each were ordered to pay $142,367.94 in allegedly unpaid taxes from the sale of puppies at their Mauckport, Ind., farm.

When the Garwoods were unable to pay, Indiana State Police and Humane Society volunteers seized 240 dogs from the farm, including the Garwoods’ pets. All the dogs were sold to the Humane Society the next day for $300.

That last sentence, the little thing about them selling the dogs for only $300 is revealing; the raid obviously wasn’t just about collecting taxes…

Stay tuned — this is an incredibly important ruling, and we’ll be able to release a lot more information on this story next week.

  • Laurel

    OMG, if either entity isnt illegal and horrible, liars by themself, now they are working as a team, help us all!

  • Dobegal

    Just let me correct one thing the Indiana State Police didn’t take the dogs, they were only there to assist another state agency, Department of revenue.  After going onto the property and seeing what was happening the officers moved to the end of the driveway and wanted nothing to do with the case.  Because they were there they get named in the suit. I don’t want anyone to think that the ISP was the strong arm of HSUS here!!!!

  • Alice

    And these people obviously – and thankfully – had the funds available to get good lawyers to pursue this action – where as most “little” guys – I don’t believe would have been able to do anything financially to pursue this . Thank Goodness they did – now a pecedent is set.

    • fightacorruptsystem

       Pro Bono!!  The person behind this is the harrison county animal control officer.  He currently is being sued by a no kill cat shelter because he raided her too.

  • MisterCadet

    According to page 59 of HSUS’s 2009 tax returns, a $2,000 grant  was given by HSUS to the Office of the Attorney General of Indiana to support  the investigation of Indiana puppy mills and placement of puppies…