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Animal Welfare is not Appeasement

“In a perfect world, we would not keep animals for our benefit, including pets,”

Animal rights proponent Tom Regan, emeritus professor of philosophy at NC State University and author of Empty Cages – March 3, 2004

When trying to understand the animal rights mindset, and why they are never satisfied with improvement in animal care and welfare, it is important to remember the above quote.

Because it has never been about humans taking better care of the animals they keep, it is about humans not keeping animals for any reason whatsoever.

So of course it comes as no surprise that SeaWorld’s Larger Killer Whale Habitats Fail To Appease Animal Rights Advocates


But the idea that they are trying to appease animal rights advocates misses the point. Animal welfare is not about appeasing ideologues and extremists who will never be happy with you. If that is what you make it about, you’re doing it wrong: the only form of appeasement that works with them is not to keep any animals at all.

Animal welfare is about making sure the animals you care for are not hungry, thirsty, or afraid. It is about providing comfort and preventing pain and injury. And (as in this case) it is about providing an ever-improving environment for them. Animal welfare is for people who actually care about animals.

These are the kind of things normal people care about, and these are the standards being addressed by SeaWorld.

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  • I picked up a flyer describing your group at the Minnesota State Fair at the Pet Center. I’m very happy you are an intelligent alternative to the Animal Rights Radicals, who give the whole Environmental Movement a bad name. But the extremists in any group often take over, and I’m glad you are there to take them on, because YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT ANIMALS! And God cared enough about people that He put animals on the earth for our benefit, not only as pets, but for milk and steaks!
    You not only have to combat Animal Rights Radicals, but their agendas: 1. Population Control (of people). 2. Government Control. 3. Earth Worship. Good luck, and God bless your efforts! Paul

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