NAIA Library

The NAIA Library

You will find information in the library covering a range of issues affecting animals, about the environment and the about the people who care for them. You will find information about pet owners, breeders, rescuers, trainers, research scientists farmers and ranchers, fishermen, hunters and shelter directors. And you will find articles about improving animal care and stewardship, medical breakthroughs, efforts to pass reasonable laws and support the human animal bond. You will also read about animal rights extremism, in philosophy and practice.

NAIA recognizes that the issues facing animal owners, lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and the general population are complex and often misunderstood. This section addresses those complexities by providing factual information and educated opinion about animal issues and by exposing the hypocrisy, lies, and violent acts of the animal rights movement.

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Heroes, Winners and Success Stories
Celebrate the best in animals and the people who work with them! 
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