The Case Against Animal Rights and Environmental Extremism


  • HSUS Watch: A Commentary by the Fur Commission USA
  • Acts of Animal Rights Terrorism: This list offers a chronology of extremist acts committed in the name of animal rights and nature from 1993-2013. NAIA can refer interested parties to other organizations and businesses who continue to update and maintain this list. Also seach the NAIA website for the Report to Congress on the Extent and Effects of Domestic and International Terrorism on Animal Enterprises. This report was mandated by the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, the first federal bill that NAIA participated in and contributed to.
  • Quotes from the leaders of the animal rights movement: Most people love animals and want to see them treated humanely and respectfully. They believe that animal rights proponents feel the same way they do about animals, just more passionately. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Animal rights doctrine is at odds with what the vast majority of Americans support. Read for yourself what top animal rights leaders say and make up your own mind. Here are quotes from the most well-known and powerful figures in the animal rights movement.
  • The Animal Rights Agenda
  • Additional NAIA websites that expose the dark side of the animal rights fundraising industry:  | |
  • Deception in the name of animal rights. No decent person wants to see animals suffer, and supports treating animals humanely, but once you have seen enough campaigns from animal rights activists, a disturbing pattern of sensationalism and deception emerges...
  • Financial information on Animal Charities



Legislative and government reports, documents and press releases

Testimony against and censure of animal rights and environmental extremism