It takes knowledge, talent and a special dedication to successfully breed, raise, socialize, train and work with animals. Whether you are a scientist, shelter worker, sportsman, wildlife rehabber or devoted hobbyist, NAIA admires your commitment and was created to support your efforts!

A century ago, nearly every American had some level of personal experience with animals, with many families raising animals for work, sport and food. But things are different today. Without pets, the human-animal bond would be lost for most Americans and many of us would be very lonely.

At NAIA we recognize that the human-animal connection is valuable to people, animals and society and work to preserve these important and time-honored associations.

We recognize that people learn to appreciate the animals they are able to experience, whether as household pets, in zoos, circuses, sporting events, on farms or as part of local wildlife populations. When people are able to experience animals first hand, their appreciation and concern for them increase, often igniting lifelong interests, avocations and professions focused on improving animal wellbeing. Appreciated animals live longer, healthier lives and seldom become endangered species. So we have special interest in providing opportunities for people to learn about and experience animals, and we have a special regard for the people who choose lives and professions involving animals.

At NAIA, we observe, like humane leaders of the past, that associating with animals has a positive effect on people of all ages. We believe that youngsters who raise pets or help with chores around a farm; or kids who are lucky enough to participate in 4-H, dog, cat or horse shows; or who learn to value wildlife populations, grow into better-adjusted adults than people who’ve missed these opportunities. Studies show that seniors who maintain contact with animals live longer. Pets bring comfort, relieve stress, and provide opportunities for people to share their love with another valuable being.

And so it is that we have established an Advocacy Center within the NAIA website, a place dedicated to supporting the human-animal bond and for advocating the interests of people who appreciate, keep and work with animals. You are our reason for being.

Kind regards,

Patti Strand, National Director