Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 2005

Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 2005

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October 26, 2005 Chicago, IL: Cyrano's Bistrot and Wine Bar, a Chicago restaurant was vandalized the night after its chef, spoke against a proposed ban on foie gras at a city council committee meeting. Windows were shattered and splattered with a red liquid, and flower boxes pulled off the building and destroyed.

October 25, 2005 Alameda, CA: Animal rights activists pretending to deliver birthday balloons invaded the office of a biotech company, and stole a company roster off an office bulletin board. Just hours after the theft SHAC demonstrations took place at several homes in the Alameda, Oakland, and Piedmont area belonging to people whose names and addresses were on the roster.

October 13, 2005 Hove, East Sussex, England: Animal rights extremists boasted on the ALF website of using two incendiary devices to blow up a car at the home of widow of the British head of Roche, even though the man had died last year. The widow and her teenage son were in the house at the time. The statement on Biteback said "We have been keeping many senior personnel from HLS's customers and suppliers under intense surveillance. One was Alexander Grant, a senior director of Roche, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. We were planning an attack on Grant a few months ago but then realised (sic) that he had just died of a heart attack. In October we carried out the operation at Grant's address, planting two incendiary devices under an expensive four-wheel-drive, totally destroying it. People who sign ontracts with or deal with Huntingdon need to realise (sic) that your decisions will come back to haunt you for ever - even when you have gone."

October 4, 2005 Bozeman, MT: An ELF activist vandalized equipment at the construction site of the new Kenyon Noble Lumber and Hardware store. Damage to the construction equipment totaled about $3000 and ELF was spray-painted on the damaged equipment.

October 2, 2005 England: Threat from animal rights extremists (Animal Rights Militia – ARM) have forced nine companies to sever links to HLS. Most of the companies are small building firms, but they include Leapfrog Nurseries. Letters sent to the homes of the directors of seventeen companies said “The company you work for is working with Huntingdon Life Sciences. This is a disgusting and cowardly act. You have a choice. You can walk away from those sick monsters or you can personally face the consequences of your decision. Not only you but your family is a target. Sever your links with HLS within two weeks or get ready for your life and the lives of those you love to become a living hell." The letters also refer to the “victory” over Darley Oaks Farm. (August 28, 2005)

September 28, 2005 Peterborough, England: Activists calling themselves the “Animal Rights Militia” sent threatening letters to Leapfrog Day Nurseries, which forced them to stop providing child care vouchers to parents working at HLS. One letter said, "The company you work for is working with Huntingdon Life Sciences. This is a disgusting and cowardly act. You have a choice. You can walk away from those sick monsters or you can personally face the consequences of your decision. Not only you but your family is a target.... Sever your links with HLS within two weeks or get ready for your life and the lives of those you love to become a living hell."

September 28, 2005 Beaconsfield, England: ALF claimed responsibility for an explosive device left at the home of the corporate controller of GlaxoSmithKline, which does business with HLS. The device caused minor damage. The executive was away, but his wife and child were home. A posting on the ALF website read "We realise (sic) that this may not be enough to make you stop using HLS but this is just the beginning. We have identified and tracked down many of your senior executives, and also junior staff, as well as those from other HLS customers. Drop HLS or you will face the consequences."

September 24, 2005 Oxford, England: Animal rights activists attacked a sports pavilion at Corpus Christi College in protest of the University’s planned construction of a primate research laboratory. The device was disabled and little damage done. A website warning read, "We have spent 15 months researching you, and we know every weakness you have. We are stronger than you, we have more resolve than you and we never give up…If we have to destroy every bit of property you own, we will, in order to stop you inflicting your profit-driven cruelties on defenceless (sic) creatures. You cannot stop us, we are free to attack you at will, whenever and wherever we choose."

September 20, 2005 Los Angeles, CA: ALF activists attacked the home of the Los Angeles Animal Services General Manager. The claim on ALF’s website says "The animal liberation front has taken advice from our Commander in Chief to "smoke terrorists out of their holes." the target was Los Angeles number One terrorist Gordon Stuckey. Military Strength Smoke grenades were detonated on the floor of this animal killers abode. Sleep light..alf." The Fire Department responded to the incident. Another ALF communiqué disclosed that the veterinarian in charge of euthanizing animals at the Animal Services Department has endured late night visits by prostitutes, pizza deliverymen, taxis and gang members in recent days.

September 19, 2005 Vestfold, Norway: The Norwegian chapter of the ALF (Dyrenes Frigjøringsfront, DFF) has claimed responsibility for releasing 3,500 mink from a fur farm. The farmer and colleagues managed to capture 2000, with others being shot to prevent them from suffering in the wild.

September 12, 2005 Old Town, ME: Activist vandalism caused more than $30,000 worth of damage at the West Old Town Landfill. Graffiti, including the logo “ELF’ was spray-painted on buildings, vehicles, and heavy equipment. Tires were flattened, the console of a new tractor smashed, and keys broken off in every piece of large machinery. Additionally, basement windows of two buildings were broken and garden hoses turned on and put inside. An object thrown through one of the windows damaged a computer monitor, but the water was turned off before it reached files and computer equipment. All the locks were glued shut and the vandals also removed the Bangor Hydro fuses from the pole that powers the methane torch that burns off landfill gas and reduces the odor produced by the waste. Subcontractors working on the site a half-mile away found the damage when they went to leave and called the police. They were locked into the facility as the vandals had broken off a key in the lock of the main gate.

September 8, 2005 Los Angeles, CA: Animal rights activists have been targeting a high-ranking official in the LA Animal Services Department, blaming him for the LA policy of euthanizing strays in city shelters, despite a great reduction in numbers. Graffiti, stink bombs, menacing midnight phone calls and a bomb scare forcing an evacuation have happened in recent weeks. In August, the family was awakened at three am by two people dressed as mortuary workers saying they were trying to pick up a dead body. Activists picket in front of the house, with scurrilous signs, and information is posted on an ALF-affiliated website. Activists picketed the home of the former chief, until he quit the job.

September 7, 2005 New York, NY: HLS, trading in the US as Life Science Research Inc., announced that its listing on the New York Stock Exchange had been postponed at the request of the Exchange on the day trading was to begin. Less than an hour before the opening bell, Catherine Kinney, president of the NYSE, is understood to have told HLS executives that calls were received from the city’s financial community saying its security could be threatened by animal rights activists. An activist group called “Win Animals Rights” (WAR) had sent out an e-mail alert to 10,000 people, saying the NYSE was now “a primary focal point for this campaign” “WAR will be there every day” the e-mail said. The SHAC Web site has been listing the direct-dial office phone numbers and e-mail addresses of dozens of the NYSE's top officials. The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has launched an investigation into SHAC, and at its meeting in October will focus on on the recent decision by the NYSE to delay a listing of Huntingdon's shares.

September 7, 2005 Western ME: The Plum Creek Timber Co has been hit with a string of vandalism. The Fairfield office was vandalized with graffiti and damage. The Greenfield office was broken into and computers and other equipment was stolen. A top staff person’s car had the tires slashed and “Leave Maine” deeply scratched into a door. The same week a Plum Creek contractor had his equipment vandalized for the second time.

September 2, 2005 East Anstey, England: ALF activists damaged specially-designed fencing, and released 90 boar from their pens at a wild boar farm. The farmer was about to get about ninety percent of them back, but faces expensive repairs.

September 4, 2005 Gynedd, Wales: Animal rights activists poured paint-stripper on a car, slashed the tires, and sprayed graffiti on the garage door of the managing director of EuroDP, which has links to HLS. Phone numbers and addresses were posted on an extremist website. Receptionists at the company have had abusive phone calls, and there is a campaign of anonymous and threatening letters. The company is increasing security in response to the threats.

August 28, 2005 England: Following the announcement that the Halls would close their guinea pig farm, animal rights activists, while continuing to target the Halls, have drawn up a list of fifty diverse companies with connections to HLS to threaten. Couriers and even a bakery are listed. Names, numbers and e-mail addresses have been posted on the SHAC website. At least three of the targeted firms have terminated their contracts with HLS after being bombarded with phone calls and e-mails from SHAC activists.

August 23, 2005 Long Island, NY: ALF activists claimed, on their “animal defense” website to have vandalized the Manhasset Bay and Seawanhaka Corinthian yacht clubs, painting anti-HLS slogans on buildings and fences. The president of Carr Securities, which was making a market in HLS stock, is a member of both clubs. ALF further claimed, on its website, that Carr had stopped marketing the stock following the vandalism. This has not been confirmed by independent sources.

August 26, 2005 England: The executive director of a chemical company was targeted because one of his corporate shareholders had been a client of Huntingdon Life Sciences. "Since March 2003 myself, my company and associated companies and staff have received more than 10,000 emails, over 1,000 letters, over 6,000 phone calls. Some of the emails, letters and phone calls being very threatening in nature, including statements such as 'I'd happily go to prison for stabbing an animal abuser to death', 'I'll find you and f*** you up', 'this won't be over until I see your faces smashed into the bottoms of your coffins' and 'you are now the ALF [Animal Liberation Front] priority target'. There have been about 40 demonstrations at company facilities, four hoax bombs, including one at my home, five people have been wrongly accused of being convicted paedophiles, including myself. In my case, over 200 letters were posted to houses within a five-mile radius of my home making the allegation. There have also been over 35 visits to the homes of directors and employees. These usually take place in the middle of the night and may involve making loud noise with a siren to wake you and your neighbours or spray painting houses and or cars with graffiti. Our house and car have been spray-painted and there have been messages spray-painted on local roads giving my name and saying that I am a killer and that 'we know where you live' and 'the ALF are coming for you.”

August 25, 2005 Manawatu, New Zealand: Animal rights activists stole six huntaway dogs, a bitch and five two week old pups, some of which carry a fatal genetic disease that also strikes people and kills young children. The dogs were donated to the Massay University Veterinary school, which was working with the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital in hopes of find a cure. The activists stole the records of the dogs medical treatment, claiming they were “breeding records” and sprayed the buildings with animal rights slogans. The bitch, an unaffected carrier, was to be returned to her home after the pups were weaned. Several of the puppies will have the full course of the disease and without treatment will waste away and die fairly quickly. Others may be carriers, which, if they survive to be bred, could spread the disease to other dogs.

August 24, 2005 Buchentrain, Switzerland: ALF activists claimed, on the directaction website, to have vandalized the home of a senior pharmaceutical executive with Roche. They claim to have paint-stripped his car, slashed the tires, and pained “drop HLS, animal killer, ALF” on the garage door.

July 29, 2005 Liverpool, England: The Big Issue magazine announced it will no longer take ads from Covance Pharmaceutical, following an assault on a street vendor by an animal rights activist, along with abusive e-mails sent to members of the magazine staff, a burglary, and attacks on buildings. Covance placed ads to recruit volunteers for clinical trials in the magazines. The magazine provides employment to the homeless.

July 27, 2005 Whatcom County, WA: Suspicious fires have damaged two homes under construction. The first caused $100,000 in damages. The second, a few days later, completely destroyed another home being built in the area. ELF has taken credit for other arsons in the area earlier in the year that police are investigating.

July 22, 2005 Long Branch, NJ: Animal rights activists spray-painted a house and car and glued their locks shut early in the morning in Long Branch. Later that day, two activists were taken into custody near Hoffman-LaRoche Pharmaceuticals in Nutley NJ, with paint on their hands that matched the graffiti “puppy killers” painted on a fence at the plant, and allegedly gave fake identities to the police. Items in their car linked them to the Long Branch case as well. The activists, Janice Angelillo and Nicholas Cooney, have ties to SHAC and the Philadelphia group “Hugs for Puppies.” SHAC has begun targeting employees of Hoffman-LaRoche which does business with HLS. The people in the vandalized Long Beach house have no affiliation with HLS or related companies.

July 15, 2005 San Carlos, CA: An ALF video posted on the Internet shows hooded activists spray-painting slogans and smashing windows at Bachem Laboratories. A warning posted on the Net said ‘"Bachem -- this is only the beginning. All of the security, cameras and burglar alarms that you can buy will not save you now. Sever any and all ties to HLS. If not, things can only get worse. See you soon!"’

July 8, 2005 Lavacolla, Spain: Activists of the “Frente de Liberacion Animal” claim, on the directaction website to have broken into a fur farm and released 35,000 mink. Most of the mink did not leave the farm and all but about 500 were recovered.

July 8, 2005 Success, NH: A half million dollars worth of equipment was destroyed in an arson attack against a Canadian contractor working land owned by T.R.Dillon Logging. There has been continuing vandalism at the site in the past year. Recently, an activist was convicted with the New Years Day arson of logging equipment and an office trailer owned by Dillon Logging.

July 5, 2005 Oxford, England: An arson attack by animal rights activists destroyed an Oxford University boathouse and boats worth several thousands of pounds. According to information gained by the Thames Valley and Oxford University police the attack was in defiance of the new Serious Organized Crime and Police Act, and against the University’s planned animal research laboratory.

June 23, 2005 Bloomberg, UK: Canaccord Capital Inc. has resigned as stock broker for Phytopharm Pic, a UK biotech company, after animal rights activists firebombed a car belong to a Cannaccord director on May 19. The director, his wife and children were asleep when the bomb went off and the car, in the garage, caught fire. Phytopharm’s former partner, Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals, is an HLS partner. Phytopharm makes new medicines for animals as well as people. The ALF website said, "Canaccord are HLS customer Phytopharm’s biggest shareholders and have raised £10 million for them. Bad mistake. If you support or raise funds for any company associated with HLS, we will track you down, come for you and destroy your property by fire …get out of Huntingdon Life Sciences or see your share price crash and your supporters’ property go up in flames." Some 42 of the 113 suppliers that cut ties in 2004 with drug companies and others that use animals in research reported doing so in the last quarter of the year compared with 26 in the third quarter, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry said.

June 21, 2005 Philadelphia, PA: Five animal rights activists protesting at the BIO2005 convention face criminal charges after a police officer collapsed and died in a melee as the activists tried to gain access to the convention. A Canadian is facing charges of aggravated assault against the dead officer and another policeman. All five activists are charged with resisting arrest, conspiracy, and disorderly conduct.

June 16, 2005 Newton-Linford, UK: A family escaped unhurt when ALF fanatics left an explosive device in their carport. The wick had been lit, but had gone out. The family had been targeted before, with car tires slashed and ALF graffiti painted on their house. A former owner worked for a UK pharmaceutical company. The current owners have no ties to animal testing.

June 15, 2005 San Cesareo, Italy: ALF activists claim to have broken into a mink farm and released 2000 mink.

May 27, 2005: Richland Township, PA: ALF activists vandalized the Peonyland Nursery, whose owners were proposing to build a kennel to house 500 research monkeys. Activists broke into two greenhouses, and destroyed 1000 tree peonies, including rare ones. Paint-stripper was poured on two vehicles, and graffiti spray-painted on buildings and greenhouses, with such slogans as ''F--- with primates, get f---ed by us. ALF''; ''the ALF is watching''; and ''this will just be the start.'' An anonymous e-mail sent to the press stated the group “'entered several greenhouses and completely trashed them, dumping hundreds and hundreds of bushes and making a mess of the place. We also poisoned over a hundred planted bushes - have fun finding out which ones… 'drop your plans for a primate prison.'' And ''if you imprison so much as one monkey to sell to a lab we will make you pay dearly. We are watching you .'' Some of the tree peonies destroyed were unique and priceless, and were to be given to the Smithsonian.

May 25, 2005 Dorset, UK: Animal activists claim to have destroyed a pheasant pen, feeders, and shooting platform.

May 22, 2005 Aspen, Co: “ELF” and other slogans were spray-painted on three vehicles and the wall of the Aspen Ice Garden.

May 20, North Yorkshire, England: An arson attack caused damages over one million pounds to an abattoir. Three hundred sheep were rescued from the flames, and taken to another facility for slaughter. Rebuilding will take the rest of the year. North Yorkshire police are tracing possibly links to animal rights activists in their investigation.

May 17, 2005 Harrogate, UK: In an e-mail to an activist website, ALF activists claim to have vandalized the home of the Vice President of Toxicology for Covance Laboratories and the head of Animal House Operations for Covance. Slogans were painted on the mailbox, driveway, and main road. The e-mail includes Covance Company and personal credit card and bank account numbers, as well as threats of future attacks.

May 17, 2005 Fair Oaks, CA: Several SUVs and trucks were spray-painted with “ELF” and “polluter”, and many also had their tires slashed. A short distance away “bomb the White House” was found spray-painted on a real estate sign. FBI, Secret Service, and a joint terrorism task force are investigating, and trying to find out if the two attacks were related.

May 9, 2005 Laurel Hollow, NY: The wife of an executive of Forest Laboratories was followed to her workplace, where credit cards were stolen from her car. They were used by ALF activists to buy $20,000 in Travelers Checks that were sent to a number of charities. A post on the ALF website stated "If we find out a dime of that money granted to those charities was taken back we will strip you bear (sic) and burn your (expletive). This is OUR insurance policy.” The family has been attacked before, with graffiti painted on their house, and their phone number, license plates and bank accounts posted on the Internet. Two NY police departments and the FBI are investigating attacks on about 30 Forest Lab employees in the NY metro area. Attacks have moved from protests at homes to vandalism, theft, and threats. Forest Laboratories does business with Huntington Life Sciences.

April 27, 2005 Dorset, UK: A group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for destroying the fishing nets of a lobsterman on Easter Sunday. The group had attacked another lobsterman last summer, releasing his lobsters and damaging his boathouse.

April 26, 2005 Hollywood Hills, CA: Five animal rights activists were arrested after being caught breaking windows and defacing the property of an executive of Huntington Life Sciences.

April 20, 2005 Baton Rouge, LA: The FBI and Louisiana State University police are investigating the break-in, vandalism, and release of ten caged mice at a university biology lab. The activists broke in through a ventilation grid, broke windows, painted ALF slogan on walls, sprayed acetone on outside walls, and glued locks shut. The ALF website claimed the vandalism was done “in celebration of World Week for Animals in Laboratories.”

April 13, 2005 Sammamish, WA: ELF is suspected in a fire caused by an incendiary device at a home in the late stages of construction, causing about $100,000 worth of damage Another incendiary device, which did not go off, was discovered at another new house a few blocks away. A sign was found saying “Where are all the trees, burn, rapists, burn. ELF.” A third device was found March 3 in a home under construction in Redmond. Federal officials said the unexploded device in Sammamish is similar to the devices found in Snohomish County a year ago, which were firebombs made with two-liter bottles full of flammable liquid. The FBI and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are investigating. (See April 21, 2004)

March 29, 2005 Hattiesburg, MS: The ALF “press office” reported that ALF activists vandalized a KFC restaurant, spray-painting slogans and damaging the order box speaker.

April 4, 2005 Burton, UK: In letters to the media, a group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia offered to return “one-sixth” of the remains of the 82 year old mother-in-law of a part-owner of Darley Oakes Farm, which raises guinea pigs for biomedical research. The woman’s body was stolen from her grave in October. Several known animal rights activists have been arrested and bailed but the body has not been found. The letter offered GPS coordinates for the exact location where they said the partial remains were buried in a plastic container. The letter stated, “"We would have returned Gladys had the Halls taken steps towards closing down, but they did nothing. The Halls have a choice. If they take steps now to close they may not have to see one of their family or a friend buried... by us. We have disposed of one body no problem, the next one will be easier.” (See October 8, 2004)

April 2, 2005 Bluffs, IL: ALF raiders broke into a fox farm and opened 58 pens containing females nursing litters or about to deliver. Breeding records were destroyed. All the foxes were recovered, one died, and the farm is faced with the challenge of matching mothers to the correct pups. Property damage is minor, but the extent of damage done to livestock won’t be known for several weeks. An ALF press release said the attack was in support of Peter Young, a recently captured fugitive implicated in attacks on several farms seven years ago.

March 16, 2005 Branston, England: A gasoline bomb was left on the doorstep of a house owned by the daughter of a part-owner of Darley Oaks Farm, which breed guinea pigs for biomedical research. Bomb disposal experts removed the device. Threatening letters had been received by the staff of the farm during the week.

March 6, 2005 Fair Oaks, CA: Vandals spray-painted ELF on several pickup trucks and SUVs. Police are investigating whether the Fair Oaks vandalism against the vehicles is connected with the firebombings and attempted arsons at new construction sites in the area over the last several months.

March 3, 2005 London, England: Heathrow and Manchester airports, air freight companies, and airport operators BAA are being targeted by a new group, Gateway to Hell, protesting the importation of animals for biomedical research. The group is closely linked to SHAC. Police are investigating a number of vandalism attacks by unknown assailants on the homes and vehicles of some BAA executives, which caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Graffiti spray-painted on the home of the finance director of BAA said “You are now a target for us. You will not win.” A director of UTI, A freight-forwarding company, was attack the same night and UTI directors received threatening letters at their homes warning of “more visible signs of action” if the firm didn’t stop dealing with HLS. (don’t know if you want to leave this in…As a result, UTI has said it will no longer do business with HLS.)

February 19, 2005 Chino Hills, CA: Animal rights activists vandalized the home of the chief veterinarian for the city of Los Angeles. They threw rocks through windows, and left behind fliers with the veterinarian’s photo, accusing her of animal cruelty. ALF is suspected in this incident as well as prior threats against the veterinarian and other employees of the LA City Animal Shelter.

February 18, 2005 Albuquerque, NM: The FBI suspects eco-terrorism in the arson of a home under construction. There have been billboards targeted with graffiti against development of the area.

February 15, 2005 Auburn, CA: A fifth firebomb was found and safely dismantled at the Department of Motor Vehicle offices. The first three firebombs were aimed at developments, the last two at government establishments. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating all five, two of which have been claimed as the work of ELF. (See February 7 and January 12 articles).

February 14, 2005 United Kingdom: An animal rights group calling itself “Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) against the Fur and Vivisection Industry” launched a Denial of Service attack against seven organizations in the fur industry. They are attempting to crash computer servers by flooding them with e-mail, thanks to new software that automatically sends e-mails from chat rooms each time a new message is typed.

February 13, 2005 Carson and Torrence, CA: ALF claimed responsibility for two more attacks on fast-food restaurants. For the second time in one week, windows were smashed and graffiti including “ALF” and “McKillers” spray painted at the Torrence McDonalds. The Carson KFC sustained broken windows and slogans including “KFC Kills” and a misspelled statement “Until the slaughter stops, neither will we.” Damage was estimated at $20,000. This makes at least five attacks in the area in the last three months.

February 13, 2005 Auburn, CA: Eco-terrorism may be behind a firebomb placed at the foot of the Placer County courthouse. The follows the arrest of Ryan Lewis, a suspect charged with attempted arson of an office building in Auburn and arson of an apartment building in Sutter Creek. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating.

February 7, 2005 Sutter Creek, CA: An early morning arson at a new apartment complex may be the work of radical environmental activists. Graffiti saying “We will win – ELF” was found at the site. There were seven individual fires, set off by seven incendiary devices. Four of the apartments suffered direct damage, others were damaged by fires set in halls and by smoke damage. Only two of the apartments were occupied and no one was injured. An FBI task force is investigating these fires along with the firebombs recently found at the construction sites of an office building in Auburn and a new subdivision in Lincoln.

February 6, 2005 Torrance, CA: Animal rights activists smashed windows and glass doors and spray-painted slogans at a McDonalds restaurant. A burglar alarm alerted police around 4:30 am. “McMurder Killers” and “ALF” were painted on a window. it was similar to attacks in the South Bay and Hollywood Hills within the last three months. Since November, vandals have struck at least three other times at McDonald's restaurants — including once at the same Torrance franchise. Each time, they shattered windows, spray-painted the letters "ALF" and wrote slogans such as "Don't feed your kids McKillers," "Stop McKiller" and "We won't sleep until the slaughter ends."

January 20, 2005 San Luis, CA: ALF activists cut through a 500’ segment of 8’ high fence at the GNK ranch and released a heard of European fallow deer. The owner, who sells venison at farmer’s markets, was able to collect and corral most of the herd. The claim posted on an activist website read “"Freedom for these creatures -- for whom death is a certainty -- was a simple and unskilled operation. We encourage compassionate people everywhere to locate farms in their area and tear down their walls. For the liberation of the helpless we will strike, A.L.F."

January 12, 2005 Auburn, CA: Five incendiary devices were found in an office building under construction. Devices of the same type were discovered in an upscale subdivision in near-by Lincoln on December 27. Official stated the firebombs were capable of extensive damage. Graffiti found on the Lincoln homes included “U will pay” and “Enjoy the world as it is – as long as you can.” In a letter sent to the Auburn Journal on January 18, ELF claimed responsibility, and warned of more terrorist attempts to come – "We are setting a new precedent, where there will be at least one or more actions every few weeks," it read. The Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating.

January 1, 2005 Hever, Kent, England: Seven incendiary devices believed to be display-strength rockets were found on the ground where the Old Surrey Bristow and West Kent Hunt was meeting. Members of the hunt smelled burning and uncovered the set, time-delay fuses. West Kent police extinguished the fuses and are investigating. Over ninety horses were taking part in the hunt, including children on ponies, and there were many people on foot in the area, along with cars and horse-boxes. Graeme Worsley, joint master of the hunt, said: "If you have a firework going off under a horse and its rider you are talking about a potential fatality. These people have a blatant disregard for the safety of anyone, horses or people. It is terrorism, it is nothing to do with animal welfare." The group has been attacked before by hunt saboteurs throwing fireworks and harassing the hunt and hunt followers.

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