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Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Congress of the United States:

Animal Experts Representing Livestock Production, Farming, Science and Pets Petition US Senate to Focus on Terrorism.

Radical groups espousing animal rights and environmentalism now dominate mainstream movements that in the past promoted animal welfare and conservation.

Some of these radical groups use terrorist tactics to achieve their political ends; their method of operation includes violence, intimidation, arson, theft, and other crimes against biomedical researchers, furriers, hunters, trappers, dog and cat breeders, livestock farmers, zoos, circuses, rodeos, exotic animal breeders, and related enterprises. The time has come to say no to terrorists who hold legitimate animal interests hostage to extremist agendas and to stand together against these offensive and intolerable assaults. NAIA therefore issues a rallying call to all animal interest groups to join in a petition to the US government, a petition that asks Congress to investigate groups that participate in or financially support such terrorism and to take steps to hold them accountable for their actions. Animal welfare proponents can join this call for action against animal rights extremism by sending letters of support to NAIA (SEE ADDRESS AT THE END) for federal action in four general areas:

  1. Congressional hearings into terrorist tactics and their impact on animal interests;
  2. Creation of a joint government task force to investigate the use of terrorism by animal rights radicals and environmental extremists;
  3. Senate review of the Animal Enterprises Protection Act to increase its effectiveness; and
  4. IRS review of the tax-exempt status of animal rights groups that advocate, fund, or engage in criminal activities to further their political goals.


Animal interest groups and businesses and sympathetic individuals can participate in one or both of the following ways:

  1. Individuals may sign the "Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the US Senate,"
  2. Organizations may sign the "Request for action..." using an officer or a designated signer or they may submit a letter of support for the petition's goals on organization or business letterhead.


Sample letters follow the petition text.

Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Congress of the United States

To: Senate Judiciary Committee Members

On behalf of: The National Animal Interest Alliance, named organizations and their members, and other concerned citizens

WHEREAS the Senate Judiciary Committee has oversight of the United States Department of Justice; and

WHEREAS animal enterprises provide food, clothing, sport, enjoyment, and benefit public health and the economy, both nationally and internationally; and

WHEREAS the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives"; and

WHEREAS animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists and their organizations are engaging in conspiracy that has directly resulted in increased violence against individuals, businesses, medical and agricultural research facilities, government property and breeding facilities and farms, to further their political and social objectives; and

WHEREAS science and academic institutions use and rely upon animals to conduct research and make advancements in the prevention and treatment of disease and illness that affect the health and safety of American citizens and domestic animals; and

WHEREAS many animal rights and eco-terrorist leaders, followers and their organizations routinely conspire to promote unlawful activity that violates national policy and law as it concerns public health (disruption of medical research), nutrition (abolishment of dairy and meat products), wildlife management (disruption of hunting, fishing, and trapping), commerce and trade (destruction of businesses engaged in interstate and foreign commerce), destruction of government property and the exportation of animal rights terrorism to foreign countries; and

WHEREAS many of these animal rights and eco-terrorist incidences are the direct result of criminal conspiracy by animal rights leaders, followers and their organizations, to commit crimes across state lines thereby adversely affecting commerce, lawful business, public policy and government approved and financed programs, by use of force, extortion, coercion, threats, violence and arson that have resulted in destruction of personal and real property, and harmed human health by impeding lifesaving research, thereby constituting federal crimes by violating the Animal Enterprise Protection Act [18 USC §43]; the Hobbs Act [18 USC §195]; and the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) [18 USC §§1961 et seq]; and

WHEREAS many animal rights organizations openly support and financially contribute to promote unlawful activities, in clear violation against the common interest and public good while maintaining a tax exempt status under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) that is in clear violation of educational or charitable purposes when, in fact, they are operating as action organizations:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate Judiciary Committee of the United States Congress is respectfully requested

  1. to constitute and hold hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee to fully explore the consequences of animal rights terrorism in the nation and internationally;
  2. to direct the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies including, but not limited to, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the Department of the Treasury, to constitute a national task force to jointly conduct a study and report to the Congress on the extent and effect of domestic and international animal and ecological terrorism on enterprises using animals for food and fiber production, agriculture production and breeding, entertainment, animal breeding, sport hunting, pet ownership, medical and agricultural testing and research; and further, to direct these agencies to immediately prioritize the apprehension and prosecution of individuals and organizations involved in animal rights terrorism resulting in acts of arson, personal and real property destruction, threats, extortion, personal injury, and death;
  3. to direct the General Accounting Office to undertake a study to be submitted to the Congress that evaluates the utilization and effectiveness of the current laws as a punishment and a deterrent to those organizations and individuals engaged in unlawful acts, including acts of terrorism against animal or resource-based enterprises, together with appropriate recommendations for improvement in those laws or additions thereto;
  4. to direct the Internal Revenue Service of the Department of the Treasury to vigorously review the tax exempt status of animal organizations that advocate, support, fund, or engage in unlawful activities and investigate and take appropriate action to revoke such classification when the facts so dictate and report such findings to Congress; and
  5. to specifically and immediately draft and consider legislation that would amend the Animal Enterprise Protection Act [18 USC §43] to increase the sentence of individuals found guilty in violation to up to twenty (20) years in prison and increase the monetary restitution to treble the damage caused by such illegal activities.

Join the Call for Action!

The text of this page may be downloaded and distributed in print or electronically to dog and cat clubs, livestock societies, hunting and fishing associations, research organizations and companies, and any other groups or individuals concerned about animal rights or environmental extremism and terrorism. All groups should respond with a letter of support on organization letterhead.

ORGANIZATIONS: Please have an officer or another designated person sign on behalf of your group or send your endorsement of this Call for Action on your letterhead, dated and signed by an authorized organization official, to: National Animal Interest Alliance, PO Box 66579, Portland, Oregon 97290; Fax (503) 761-1289.

CONCERNED CITIZENS: Please sign your name and address below and send the signed document to NAIA at the address or Fax number above. For more information, write or visit the NAIA web site at




Print name of organization & complete address


Print name, title (if signing on behalf of an organization) & complete address


Sample Letters

Dear NAIA:

Animal rights terrorism against legitimate research and business enterprises appears to be on the increase in the US. It is time for the government to make sure these extremists face the consequences of their violent actions. We therefore join your "Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the US Senate" and urge Congress to schedule hearings into the practices of these groups and to revoke their nonprofit status if they use contributions to further political aims or support violence in any way.

Please keep us informed so we can notify our 5000 members of your progress.




Dear NAIA:

Our board of directors supports your drive for US Senate hearings into animal rights terrorism. Since these radicals frequently cross state lines to commit crimes against researchers, farmers, hunters and others and raise money through federally tax exempt organizations, the federal government has the authority and the power to investigate their actions and impose restrictions on their ability to raise money through charitable exemptions.

Please add our name to your list.




Dear NAIA:

Attached you will find a signed copy of your "Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the US Senate." Please add it and this letter of endorsement to your presentation to Congress.

Animal rights extremists interfere with lawful conduct of business in order to achieve a radical agenda. They damage and destroy personal property and real estate, steal animals, obstruct scientific progress, interfere with scientifically-sound game management programs, and may even finance their campaigns with tax exempt donations. We - the board of directors and 3000 members -- join you in urging the US Senate to conduct hearings into these terrorist activities, to commission a joint agency task force to investigate the depth and breadth of the impact on animal enterprises, and to take the necessary steps to curtail the use of tax exemptions for donations that support the use of terrorism for political gain.




Dear NAIA:

Thank you for providing leadership on this important issue. Our board and membership of 2500 farmers and ranchers wholeheartedly support the NAIA drive for Senate hearings into animal rights terrorism. We depend on the welfare of the livestock we raise and ask the federal government to help us protect these animals and our livelihoods from interstate traffic in animal rights terrorism.

Our signed petition is attached to this letter.




Dear NAIA:

Thank you for the opportunity to join in the "Request for action by the Senate Judiciary Committee of the US Senate" to bring federal attention to the activities of animal rights extremists. We gladly add our voice to the voices of other organizations and individuals asking Congress to investigate animal rights terrorism and to take steps to end the use of tax exempt donations to support that criminal activity.


Send your letter of support to:


PO BOX 66579
PORTLAND, OR 97290-6579

FAX: 503-761-1289


Write your Government

Write the President-elect, share your views and make sure he knows the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Find out where he stands and ask him to take a stand publicly.

Phone: 512-637-2000
Fax: 512-637-8800

Write your US Representative and Senators and

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