The Power of One

The Power of One

The Power of One was created especially for you! As someone who is dedicated to animals and works with them every day, you have a unique and important perspective to share. Few people know what you know about raising and caring for animals.

Sadly, most people today learn what they know about animals from media and popular culture. They don't have the hands-on experience with animals that allowed their rural ancestors to separate fact from fiction.

In our generation, Ignorance about animals is so widespread, it has become an exploitable commodity. This lack of factual information allows opportunists to manipulate the public’s love of animals into money and power, often for agendas that hurt animals and threaten the human-animal bond. That's where your special expertise comes in. The good news is that you don’t need a formal organization or a big budget to share the truth. You only need to speak up and tell your story.

The Power of One will enable you cut through and correct the misinformation about animals that permeates our culture and add your expertise to the public debate about animals. The Power of One offers practical advice and information on how to use print, broadcast and social media, and how to work with lawmakers. It provides the tools you need to easily and effectively tell your story and communicate your special bond with animals. The Power of One is designed to help you help the public understand why they should care about the preservation of domestic animals and the bonds we have with them.

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