Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 1983-1999

Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 1983-1999

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December 31, 1999 Michigan State University: ELF claimed responsibility for torching the Agriculture Hall, destroying property and years of research on genetically engineered crops. Damages have been estimated at more than $1 million. Catherine Ives, a target in the raid, lost academic records, lecture notes, slide presentations, books, and her passport in the fire, describing it as seeing her entire career go up in smoke. Her $18 million program was targeted by ELF for accepting funding from Monsanto. Ives acknowledged that Monsanto once did contribute $2,000 to her program to train African farmers in modern agricultural methods.

December 25, 1999 Monmouth, Oregon: Forest industry Boise Cascade's regional headquarters were destroyed in a fire. Credit claimed by Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Damages were estimated at $1 million.

December 20, 1999 San Francisco Bay Area: ALF attempted major destruction but failed in an arson attempt at Fulton Poultry Processors. One of four incendiary devices went off, causing minor damage.

November 20, 1999 Washington State University: ALF raid on poultry research facility, destruction and trashing in several labs and offices.

October 26, 1999 UK: Graham Hall, award-winning TV filmmaker was tortured by animal rights extremists in a sadistic revenge ritual. Earlier this year Hall won the highest award British TV can bestow for his expose on the fanatics behind the Animal Liberation Front. Eleven months following airing of his expose he was kidnapped at gun point, blindfolded and driven to an unidentified house where he was bound and told he would be killed. After several hours his assailants surrounded him, forced his head between his legs and burned ALF into his bare back in 4" high letters using a branding iron. According to Hall, as they ended their branding ritual one of them made a comment about justice being done and another chuckled something about the justice department, which is the name given to the part of ALF that takes credit for criminal actions against people, as opposed to property. Before the ordeal ended animal extremists threatened to harm Hall's family, to torch his house and to kill him if he went to the police. Hall's back is permanently mutilated from the branding. Surveillance equipment picked up an intruder attempting to climb into his yard carrying something that looked like a pickaxe handle. Once spotted, the intruder quickly retreated.

While denying any knowledge of the attack, Robin Webb, ALF's official spokesperson issued a chilling warning to Hall and any others who might try to get in the way of the Animal Liberation Front's crusade saying, "people who make a living in this way have to expect from time to time to take the consequences of their actions."

October 25, 1999 USA: Following a communique by an animal rights group calling itself the Justice Department warning that it mailed over eighty razor blade,booby-trapped packages to primate research scientists, seven such envelopes were received by primate research facilities in various parts of the country.In September similar envelopes with razor blades, some dipped in rat poison,were mailed to fur farmers.

October 24, 1999 Bellingham, WA: Animal rightists broke into Western Washington University stealing several laboratory animals.Campus police said that the vandalismassociated with the break in points to the Animal LiberationFront.October 22,1999 Warwick, Rhode Island:In the early morning hours a fur store's delivery van was destroyed by fire.Local police believe the fire was set by a radical animal-rights group.The Animal Liberation Front's acronym "ALF" was spray painted on the building along with slogans against killing animals.

October 24, 1999 Western Washington University: ALF raid, 37 rats and 4 rabbits released.

October 16, 1999 Nassau, Long Island, NY: The Animal Liberation Front attacked four McDonalds outlets in Nassau, Long Island, NY. Total damage costs from the broken windows and spray paint exceeded $23,000.

September 4, 1999 USA: The Justice Department, an animal rights terrorism organization, claimed responsibility for booby-trapped razor blade packages sent through the mail to dozens of mink farmers, fur farm suppliers, and fur industry officials. The Frontline Information Service of the Animal Liberation Front reported that the envelopes included the following message: "You have been targetted (sic). You have until autumn of ther (sic) year 2000 to release all of your animal captives and get out of the bloody fur trade. If you do not heed our warning your violence will be turned back upon you." Some of the razor blades had been dipped in rat poison.

August, 1999 USA: Biotech crop killers calling themselves the "Seeds of Resistance" hacked down a half-acre plot of experimental corn at the University of Maine-owned Rogers Farm. Plant gene-splicing in this experiment was aimed at reducing the need for herbicide use.

August 31, 1999, Fulton County, GA: ALF torches a McDonalds restaurant. 1998, Belgium: The ALF claimed responsibility for nine attacks against McDonalds and another fast food restaurant.

August 29, 1999 Orange, California: The Animal Liberation Front stole 46 dogs from Bio-Devices Inc., a research facility. ALF spray-painted "Vivisection is Fraud" and "Animal Liberation" on the walls.

August 28, 1999 West Islip, Long Island, New York: The Animal Liberation Front took credit for stealing a stump-tailed macaque from a pet store on August 27.

August 23, 1999 Westboro, Massachusetts: Eight animal-rights activists face charges they threatened to kill a man they believed was an animal researcher, police said. The suspects, some dressed in military fatigues and wearing black bandannas over their faces, allegedly confronted the man at his Northboro home late Saturday night and yelled, "Animals live and he's going to die." Police said the suspects damaged the man's mailbox and threw a rock through the car window of someone who was visiting him. No one was injured.

August 14, 1999 Salisbury, Maryland: Vandals broke into Frank Parson's Mink Ranch at about 5 a.m. and released about 20 animals.

August 12, 1999 Antwerp, Belgium: A McDonald's fast food restaurant was burnt to the ground today, and police believe the fire was the work of a militant animal rights group that has claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the past. The letters "ALF" were painted at the scene.

August 11, 1999 USA: Farmers from several US states received dangerous mail today. The envelope size varied from standard size 10 business envelopes in gray to 9x11 or business-size envelopes in white or manila. Inside were 3x5 inch index cards with razor blades attached with a written threat to get out of the fur trade and a drawing of a bomb. All were postmarked in New York.

August 9, 1999 Plymouth, Wisconsin: During the early morning hours, United Feeds' mill in Plymouth, Wisconsin was burned to the ground. The Animal Liberation Front claimed credit for the $1.5 million blaze in a report that said they "strategically placed four incendiary devices in the mill."

August 9, 1999 Plymouth, Wisconsin: Between 2-3 a.m., vandals released 3000 mink from Gene Myer's Fur Farm. A neighbor videotaped a low-flying aircraft without numbers in the area the previous evening.

August 9, 1999 Orkelljunga, Sweden: Five Beagles were stolen from a facility that breeds dogs for research.

August 7, 1999 Escanaba, Michigan: The Earth Liberation Front claimed credit for torching two fishing boats in the driveway of a veterinarian at 3:20 a.m. Neighbors spotted the flames and awoke the doctor. ELF left behind its signature in 18-inch letters on the garage door. Police and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating.

August 3, 1999 Bristol, Wisconsin: Animal rights terrorists released more than 3000 mink from the Krieger Farm before dawn. Neighbors helped the Kriegers retrieve most of the animals. In claiming credit for the raid, ALF said that the Kriegers are "a known supplier of mink fur to Neiman Marcus, the well-known national chain currently under attack by animal activists across the US for its fur sales."

July 10, 1999 USA: Jersey Cuts, a meatpacking facility in Howell, New Jersey has closed. They had been struck twice by the Animal Liberation Front, the second attack being a firebombing that completely destroyed three trucks at a cost of $180,000.

June 25, 1999 USA: The Animal Liberation Front takes responsibility for the firebombing of a truck at Worldwide Primates, Inc. in Miami, Florida, the business of a primate dealer and his family. The action was claimed to be "in support of the 1999 Primate Freedom Tour."

June 10, 1999 England: Animal rights activists chained a 62-year-old woman to a fence and demanded that she and her husband close their farm, Britain's only licensed cattery supplying cats for research. She was terrorized but unhurt; she managed to free herself after a few minutes.

May 9, 1999 USA: ALF claimed responsibility for the Mother's Day arson at Childer's Meat Company in Eugene, Oregon "In honor of Mother Earth and all the cows who have their babies stolen from them to help furnish the meat and dairy industries." Raiders used 20 gallons of diesel fuel/unleaded gasoline mixture in four buckets to ignite the fire that caused $150,000 damage.

April 24, 1999 USA: Animal rights protesters broke into three research labs at the University of California at San Francisco, shattering glass, overturning refrigerators, and destroying medical research.

April 5, 1999 USA: A dozen laboratories at the University of Minnesota were vandalized and dozens of research animals were stolen in a raid by the ALF. Damages estimated at $1,000,000. Research into Alzheimers disease and cancer was destroyed or stolen and cages and equipment were damaged.

March 27, 1999 USA: Six vehicles belonging to Big Apple Circus were destroyed by firebombs in Franklin, New Jersey. ALF claimed credit.

October 22, 1998 Sweden: 5700 mink released from fur farm near Vaenersborg.

October 18, 1998 USA: ELF, Earth Liberation Front, claimed responsibility for $12 million Vail Ski Resort fire.

October 6, 1998 Germany: Fur farm release of 2500 mink ($150,000) near Fladderlohausen.

September 16, 1998 World: the Internet Division of the Animal Liberation Front announced a cyberspace campaign against people who use the internet to conduct animal-related businesses. ALF threatened denial of service attacks, e-mail bombardments, virus attacks, and web server hacking to destroy data.

August 28, 1998 USA: ALF and ELF claimed responsibility for release of 2800 mink in Rochester, Minnesota.

August 27, 1998 USA: Release of 3000 mink at fur farm in Beloit, Wisconsin.

August 20, 1998 USA: Release of 2500 mink at fur farm in Jewell, Iowa.

August 20, 1998 USA: Release of 350 domestically raised foxes in Guttenberg, Iowa.

August 18, 1998 USA: Attack on Pearl Lake, Minnesota fur farm ended with 2500 mink released.

August 9, 1998 UK: 6000 mink released in Hampshire, England; 1000 more released days later. Many died on roads or were killed by fearful residents. Some escape and damage native wildlife population.

July 4, 1998 USA: Middleton, Wisconsin-based United Vaccines Research Facility was attacked with 150 mink and ferrets released. ALF and ELF claimed responsibility.

June, 1998 USA: Arson at US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services facility near Olympia, Washington, destroys $1.5 million research projects and causes $400,000 damage to facility.

May, 1998 USA:Arson at a veal slaughterhouse in Florida caused $500,000 damage.

November 23, 1997 USA: Animal rights group that calls itself the justice department sent letters to media warning of poisoned turkeys in supermarkets in the east.

September 12, 1997 USA: Animal rightists smashed windows and doors with sledgehammer at Boys Town research center and damaged van parked nearby. Boys Town staff received death threats.

August 16, 1997, West Jordan, UT: ALF burned a McDonalds to the ground, causing $400,000 in damages.

July 21, 1997 USA: Cavel West Horse Slaughter Plant was torched in Redmond, Oregon causing $1,000,000 in damage with blaze threatening nearby propane storage tank. Entire water supply of Redmond was used fighting the fire and residents had to give up using city water. ALF claimed responsibility.

June 29, 1997, Crystal City, VA: 200 Animal Rights activists harassed customers and employees at a McDonalds, blocking the restaurant's driveway for two hours. Police in riot gear used pepper spray to disburse the crowd. Eighteen people were arrested on criminal trespass charges, and three face additional charges of vandalism for throwing food.

May 30, 1997 USA: More than 9000 mink were released at Oregon fur farm causing $750,000 damage.

April 19, 1997 USA: Activists smashed windows and sprayed paint walls of soon-to-open family enterprise, Golden Coral Restaurant in Maryland, causing $65,000 in damage.

March 19, 1997 USA: A trapping supply store in Ogden, Utah, was torched with the night watchman inside. He confronted the arsonists and they fled.

March 11, 1997 USA: Five pipe bombs exploded at the Fur Breeders Agricultural Coop in Utah causing nearly $1,000,000 in damage. Bombs were spiked with screws and metal and were ignited using gasoline and a five minute fuse. Federal authorities arrested and convicted Josh Ellerman, a 19-year-old follower of ALF and the Straight Edge movement, which is another offshoot of the animal rights movement.

February 15, 1997, Troy MI: The ALF attacked a McDonalds with a foul-smelling chemical, and spray-painted "McS---, McMurder, McDeath" on the bathroom walls.

January 9, 1997 USA: Outdoor Hunter/Outfitter Shop was firebombed. No group takes credit but federal authorities suspect ALF

January 4, 1997 USA: More than 20 stores and restaurants in Salt Lake City had their windows shot or smashed out. Sabotaged enterprises included McDonalds, Arby's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, a trapping outfitter, a leather shop, milk trucks and others.

Nov 12, 1996 USA: A firebomb was lobbed through window of Bloomington, Minnesota, fur store causing $2,000,000 damage. Firefighters disputed claims by Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) that no lives were put at risk.

October 14, 1996, Eugene, OR: The ELF spray-painted graffiti and glued locks at a McDonalds.

11/10/92 Minneapolis, Minnesota: Swanson Meats* Arson $100,000+

10/24/92 Logan, Utah: Utah State University Break-in/Arson $110,000

2/28/92 Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University East Break-in/Arson $125,000

6/10/91 Corvallis, Oregon: Oregon State University Break-in/Arson Vandalism 75,000

7/1/89 Lubbock, Texas: Texas Tech University Break-in $50,000-70,000

4/2/89 Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Break-in /Arson/ Theft $250,000

1/29/89 Dixon, California: Dixon Livestock Building* Arson/Vandalism $250,000

8/15/88 Loma Linda, California: Loma Linda University: Break-in/Theft $10,000

6/5/88 San Jose, California: Sun Valley Meat Packing Company* Arson/Vandalism $300,000

11/28/87 Santa Clara, California: V. Melani Poultry* Arson/Vandalism $230,000

11/25/87 San Jose, California: Ferrara Meat Company* Arson $420,000

9/1/87 Santa Clara, California: San Jose Valley Veal & Beef Co., Arson $35,000

4/16/87 Davis, California: University of California, Davis Arson/Vandalism $4,500,000

12/6/86 Bethesda, Maryland: SEMA Corporation* and National Institutes of Health, Theft $100,000

11/24/86 Wilton, California: Omega and HMS Turkey Ranches* Theft/Vandalism, 12,000

10/26/86 Eugene, Oregon: University Of Oregon Break-in/Theft $50,000

5/1/86 Gilroy, California: Simonsen Laboratories* Vandalism $165,000

4/20/85 Riverside, California: University of California-Riverside Break-in/Theft $600,000

12/9/84 Duarte, California: City of Hope Research Inst.* and Medical Center, Break-in Theft $400,000-$500,000

5/29/84 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Break-in/Theft $20,000

12/25/83 Torrance, California: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Break-in/Theft $58,000

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